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Invasions - Information
Only the most important invasions will be listed below.

  • Creatures of mounts - 38
  • Boss Invasions - 9
  • Special Invasions - 9
  • Rookgaard Invasions - 5

  • Invasions - Mounts
    # Creature Days of the Invasion Item to tame Location
    Wednesday - 15 hours
    Saturday - 23 hours
    Harness Razzachai
    Midnight Panther
    Tuesday - 19 hours
    Sunday - 18 hours
    Leather Whip or Music Box. Tiquanda
    Undead Cavebear
    Thursday - 21 hours Maxilla Maximus Lich Hell
    Crustacea Gigantica
    Friday - 09 hours Giant Shrimp Calassa, Treasure Island,Seacrest Grounds
    Black Sheep
    Fixed Respawn Reins Drefia, Femor Hills, Cult Cave, Plains of Havoc
    Crystal Wolf
    Fixed Respawn Diapason Shadowthorn
    Fixed Respawn Bag of Apple Slices South west of Thais
    Fixed Respawn Decorative Ribbon or Music Box Fury Gate
    Fixed Respawn Fist on a Stick Desert of Ankrahmun or Darashia
    Fixed Respawn Iron Loadstone or Music Box Warzone III
    Kingly Deer
    Fixed Respawn Golden Fir Cone or Music Box Ab'dendriel Exit or North Carlin
    Fixed Respawn Four-Leaf Clover Gray island
    Magma Crawler
    Fixed Respawn Glow Wine or Music Box Warzone II
    Fixed Respawn Candle Stump Warzone IV and Warzone VI
    Neon Sparkid
    Fixed Respawn Crackling Egg Just use the Item and get the mount
    Fixed Respawn Vibrant Egg Just use the Item and get the mount
    Fixed Respawn Menacing Egg Just use the Item and get the mount
    Noble Lion
    Lion's Rock, access depends on quest The Lion's Heart Lion's Rock
    Fixed Respawn Carrot on a Stick Florest Port Hope
    Rapid Boar
    Fixed Respawn Hunting Horn Outlaw Camp
    Scorpion King
    Fixed Respawn Scorpion Sceptre Tomb horestis
    Shock Head
    Fixed Respawn Nightmare Horn Rochamuul
    Stone Rhino
    Forgotten Knowledge Quest Boss Portal Astral Shaper Rune Forgotten Knowledge Quest Boss Portal
    Tamed Panda
    Fixed Respawn Bamboo Leaves Yalahar, Port hope and Farmine
    Tiger Slug
    Fixed Respawn Slug Drug Venore Swamp
    Tin Lizzard
    Fixed Respawn Tin Key Factory Quarter in Yalahar
    Fixed Respawn Golden Can of Oil Other Farmine Dimension (Yelowthax Hunt)
    Fixed Respawn Melting Horn Frozen Ursagrodon's Cave (Chyllfroest)
    Fixed Respawn Control Unit Oramond
    War Bear
    Fixed Respawn Slingshot Forests of the Tibian Continent
    War Horse
    Fixed Respawn Sugar Oat or Music Box Thais Stable, east exit
    Water Buffalo
    Fixed Respawn Leech South Panthers of Venore
    Widow Queen
    Fixed Respawn Sweet Smelling Bait or Music Box Farmine
    Rented Horse
    Fixed Respawn Rented with NPC palomino in thais (stable), or at NPC Appaloosa at the entrance of Venore Palomino in thais (stable) and Appaloosa at the entrance of venore
    Fixed Respawn Golem Wrench Screen Lab after completing the Shadows of Yalahar Quest
    Fixed Respawn Nail Case Drefia (The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest)
    Rift Runner
    You need to complete Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest. Mysterious Scroll Just use it on Mysterious Scroll
    Talk to the NPC Chondur. (need from eleonore quest) 30 Hollow Stampor Hoof, 50 Stampor Horns e 100 Stampor Talons Meriana
    Manta Ray
    Fixed Respawn Foxtail Fiehonja

    Invasions - Bosses
    # Creature Days of the Invasion Location
    Random Goroma (Kharos)
    Random Roshamuul Prison
    Random Roshamuul Prison
    Random Roshamuul (Mawhawk Lair)
    Random Draconia
    Mad Mage
    Random Mage's Tower (Edron) Appears on world change when clearing fungi
    Random Formorgar Mines
    Random Goroma
    Random Edron near fire axe quest

    Special Invasions
    # Creature Days of the Invasion Location
    Professor Maxxen
    Glooth Factory surroundings, underground in Oramond. Hero of Rathleton Quest's last boss
    13th of every month Grim Vale
    Feverish Citizens
    Random In the streets of venore
    May appear during the third stage of Deeplings World Change. Fiehonja
    May appear during the third stage of Deeplings World Change. Fiehonja
    May appear during the third stage of Deeplings World Change. Fiehonja
    Random Northern Muggy Plains
    Flamecaller Zazrak
    Random Muggy Plains, South of the Temple of Equilibrium
    Random During invasion in the Darashia desert.

    Rookgaard Invasions
    # Creature Days of the Invasion Location
    Rottie the Rotworm
    Random Katana Quest
    Random Skeletons Cave
    Random Cave Rat
    You must kill him in the last mission of The Rookie Guard Quest. Orc Fortress (Rookgaard)
    Apprentice Sheng
    Random Minotaur Hell in Rookgaard
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