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Rank Name Vocation Level Points
1Pusta KratkaRoyal Paladin103418330777843
2Server DominadoElder Druid103218222155919
3Sr PerrilloElder Druid101717430326034
4Edu VictoriosoElder Druid100917055563879
5Phoenix AngelsElder Druid100516845100380
6Dominado FullElder Druid100116627721714
7ArieszwarMaster Sorcerer99916520329608
8Hecks LeadsElder Druid99716457780591
9JokzElder Druid98815988028172
10Edu ProcjhaMaster Sorcerer98115681531548
11Kng PelaaoRoyal Paladin97815500555299
12DaviidRoyal Paladin97715451648162
13Maximus ShelbyMaster Sorcerer96214789533391
14The ManipulatorMaster Sorcerer96214755442488
15KlownElder Druid95614474779465
16John StewartMaster Sorcerer94914186361557
17Gallox VictoriosoMaster Sorcerer94213856932964
18Deec CelebrytaMaster Sorcerer93913733680581
19XuatzniggaRoyal Paladin93513536913412
20BurznyekuElite Knight93313478002716
21Joao ReturnRoyal Paladin93113374867494
22Hallowed ArcherRoyal Paladin93013343217089
23Impunity VeilRoyal Paladin92713204769132
24Warrior ProcjhaElder Druid92213009928644
25Aktzy OwyzMaster Sorcerer91412683651106
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Lola Miste
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