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Character Information
Name:Continua Dilma [BANNED]
Profession:Royal Paladin
Guild Membership:Member of the Peaky blinders
Last login:22 January 2020, 1:01 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Player Health: 5115/5115
Player Mana:5858/7430
Player Level:501
Player Experience:2083310081 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 65019 EXP to Level 502.

Level ML Fist Mace Sword Axe Dist Def Fish
501 42 29 12 10 10 144 129 10
Demon Helmet
Ferumbras' Ascendant
Hearth of Destruction
Pits of Inferno
The Inquisition
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor

Character Deaths
14 Jan 2020, 19:19Died at level 500 by a rage squid, a Squid Warden, an energetic book, an icecold book, a burning book and a knowledge elemental and a Squid Warden.
14 Jan 2020, 18:19Died at level 501 by a knowledge elemental, an energetic book, King Guhziik, Hwrtgttrtr and an energuardian of tales.
14 Jan 2020, 16:33Killed at level 501 by Burnenatus, Muzarelo, Head Xatofdp, Wacek Rp, Trembolier, Emerson Rp, Diabetico, Ketogenico, Dawaj Kase Dwa, Kanye Westt and Endeavour and Muzarelo.
14 Jan 2020, 01:37Died at level 502 by a leiden, Scion and Votedbested.
13 Jan 2020, 23:01Killed at level 502 by Deusdedete, Jassinto, No Rego, Garutu Paralaiz, Pinto Aqui, Garuto Paralaiz and Garotu Paralaiz and Jassinto.
13 Jan 2020, 21:15Killed at level 502 by Euronymousz, Tecosz, Embolo, Replause Secxy, Yuri Boyka, Hazaugu, Dolly Laranja and Odrixx and Tecosz.
13 Jan 2020, 21:12Killed at level 503 by Euronymousz, Bonniee, Mcafee, Sweet Hit, Thz Qqmuda, Replause Secxy, Junin Frontline, Tecosz, Vemmostrovem, Bielzinhow Show, Odrixx and Sabota and Bonniee.
11 Jan 2020, 15:28Died at level 498 by an ink blob, Wrr Never Die, a rage squid, Almighty Bud, a guardian of tales, Almighty Welor, a burning book, Pimpin Gods, Tatko Never Die and Harder and Wrr Never Die.
8 Jan 2020, 13:42Died at level 493 by a burning gladiator, Almighty Welor, Almighty Bud, Rektby Category, a priestess of the wild sun and a black sphinx acolyte and Almighty Welor.
7 Jan 2020, 00:51Died at level 494 by a brain squid, an energetic book, a knowledge elemental and Tanker Wojtas.
6 Jan 2020, 23:47Died at level 495 by an energetic book, a brain squid, a knowledge elemental, Vanila, Holydox Niight, Tanker Wojtas, Zeldriis, an energuardian of tales and Dani Da Budwiser and a brain squid.
30 Dec 2019, 10:28Killed at level 491 by Chrisovsky, Wyntroxx, Por Que Eres Ma, Daniel Mariwano, Continua Dilma, Player Nob, Bruxao and Compro Ek and Wyntroxx.
30 Dec 2019, 10:07Killed at level 491 by Hokkabaz Isback, Hardaf, Wojciuk, Santos Ms, Chrisovsky, Jajajajajja, Robs Blocker, Bruxao and Danilorn and Hardaf.
30 Dec 2019, 02:14Killed at level 490 by Nawyj Kidwozny, Pietro Rp, Bruxao, Mestre Makabro, Tddz Fulltrap, Bone Dry, Kina Dos Bruxo, Lcs Deboxado and Perro Culion and Pietro Rp.
29 Dec 2019, 15:39Killed at level 490 by Afk Na Titela, Royal Helfuzz, Jhongster, Abb Kszykuuwk, Pskaosjsnakas, Fumadao Pusher, Disturbiosz, Guha Kszykuuwk, Magicszny, Nirvana Owns, Hunterpala, Skillez, Edward Lovwar, Apsoksov and Harder and Royal Helfuzz.
26 Dec 2019, 18:04Killed at level 490 by Guardin, Aurera Sh, Apsoksov, Aurera Cr, Palazz, Aurera Sr, Guha Kszykuuwk, Aurera Ch and Emanuel Returns and Aurera Sh.
26 Dec 2019, 17:41Killed at level 491 by Insane Rev, Apsoksov, Frossty, Wise Boy, Conezilla, Emanuel Returns, Mini'mage, Palazz, Jhongster, Guha Kszykuuwk, Porozmawiac and Harder and Apsoksov.
25 Dec 2019, 21:11Died at level 492 by a brain squid, Massacre Gabao, an energetic book, a knowledge elemental, Porozmawiac and an energuardian of tales and Massacre Gabao.
25 Dec 2019, 20:26Died at level 493 by a knowledge elemental, an energetic book, an energuardian of tales, an icecold book, a burning book, a Squid Warden and a rage squid.
25 Dec 2019, 20:15Died at level 494 by an energetic book, a brain squid, a knowledge elemental and Katy Returnz and a brain squid.

Account Information
[Banished until 21 February 2020, 18:42]
Real name:Dilma
Created:28 October 2015, 5:27 pm

Name Level Status  
1. Continua Dilma501 Royal PaladinOffline

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