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Skills displayed in the Highscores do not include any bonuses (loyalty, equipment etc.).

Rank Name Vocation Level Points
1Old MrkzaoElite Knight7356575717728
2Ted ModotankerRoyal Paladin7125979229722
3Jow Aka BlokElite Knight6925476388819
4Devil ChochooMaster Sorcerer6865354627145
5Xina KitparaElder Druid6835282092551
6Mooiis FoxElder Druid6825251163050
7Bebe Sem FraldaRoyal Paladin6795172873549
8BukiikElder Druid6765124323149
9Rafa CrazzyElder Druid6614790887332
10Boldin WtfMaster Sorcerer6604751752827
11Breeak DownRoyal Paladin6544633925179
12Styllo Mage BotElder Druid6544628395351
13RecoveryElder Druid6504547084344
14Bzerka DashowElder Druid6464462722026
15ToinhozElder Druid6464457081656
16Aisome AlissonRoyal Paladin6414358954264
17Braddock NetdownRoyal Paladin6404344941870
18MollaElder Druid6394309550450
19Coco SixMaster Sorcerer6384296052090
20Danzerah LegacyElder Druid6324187005300
21Koalla DumorroMaster Sorcerer6284102469384
22Airtrap JhonyMaster Sorcerer6264062962039
23ZarthanElder Druid6244029402760
24Hotshot DeecRoyal Paladin6223984907504
25Behziinho NetdownRoyal Paladin6213967571865
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